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Resistance Welders

Description: Compression spot welding machine designed for boron and advanced high strength steels with on board memory slots for quick set up.   Approved by GM, Toyota, Chrysler, and Nissan.


  • Designed to weld all new high strength steels
  • Delivers over 10,000 amps at the electrode tips
  • Liquid cooled to the electrode tips
  • Operates on a 50 amp breaker
  • Ensures factory quality wheels
  • Gradual start of the weld eliminates current peaks, reduces electricity consumption
  • Slim ergonomic design enables use between cars and facilitates operation in narrow shop bays
  • Cable position facilitates work on any part of the car
  • Low fatigue factor with welding cables supported by a pivoting boom and harness
  • Cooling system utilizes induced air (no water system to maintain)
  • Easy to use control panel within easy reach of the operator.  6 functions with 4 working memories
  • Power and time ranges pre-adjusted according to the mode chosen
  • High pressure pneumatic clamping
  • 800 lb force clamping pressure
  • Includes single side welding cables and complete dent pulling package