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 How Does the Accele-Cure Waterborne System Work?

The Accele-Cure system is mounted in the ceiling of the spraybooth. The clean, filtered air from the booth ceiling plenum is "accelerated" over the car at a high velocity, allowing for faster evaporation of water or solvent during flash off. The Accele-Cure system is designedd to speed up drying in the areas that are traditionally slower to dry, i.e. the roof, the hood and the hard to reach areas under the mirrors.

The faster the water/solvent is evaporated from the surface of the newly sprayed object, the faster that coat is cured, allowing for the next coat to be applied, almost instantly.

Accele-Cure has proven itself time after time by providing a Return On Investment that is unmatched when compared to other drying systems on the market.

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