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Garmat USA Spray Booth Equipment 

Garmat USA is a leading manufacturer of ecologically responsible, competitively priced, and code compliant Paint Spray Booths and equipment solutions designed to not only increase your productivity, but ultimately improve your BOTTOM LINE. All Garmat USA Paint Spray Booths and Equipment are manufactured in Garmat's Englewood, Colorado facility.


3000 Series

A smaller booth foot print means you'll gain valuable square footage in your body shop. Ten foot wide vehicle entrance doors, interior accessible 4 tube light fixtures and a 27' cabin, are just a few of the many features of the new 3000 Series. All Garmat® USA products are ETL Listed.

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The Zephyr

An economically priced paint booth from Garmat USA, the Zephyr gives you the reliability and the performance you have been looking for in an economical package that fits most budgets.

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Welcome to the New Frontier in Painting Technology!
The Frontier - No Pit Required - Save Valuable Shop Floor Space!

 The Frontier™ is a technological break through in that it has the most advanced air flow of any booth on the market today. It is a self contained pit-less downdraft spray booth which makes efficient use of your body shop floor space as it minimizes the amount of square footage required for the spray booth - the mechanical unit is built right into the plenum of the booth! There are two models available, both of which are fully insulated; the Standard Model, which includes Intake and Exhaust Motors and does not contain heated make-up air and the Deluxe Model, which includes, Intake and Exhaust Motors and contains heated make-up air.

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Tier I

The Tier I is the Entry level version of the Frontier. It is a single wall panel constructed spray booth that is available in three different versions:

Exhaust Only, which draws in shop air through ceiling filters and exhausts it to the outside
Intake and Exhaust in which fresh air is drawn through ceiling filters and exhausted to the outside
Intake and Exhaust with Heat, in which outside air is heated and forced through ceiling filters, and exhausted to the outside.

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The Garmat® USA preparation area became the first of its kind to be listed as a Closed Top Open Front Spray Booth. The CTOF meets all NFPA 33 Code Requirements governing CTOF spray booth application equipment. This equipment utilizes the same technology that gives spray booths their aggressive air flow and performance.

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Paint Mixing Rooms

Garmat® USA Paint Mixing Rooms are designed to provide a well illuminated, clean ventilated work area for mixing applications. These units utilize a positive pressure environment to help eliminate contaminated shop air from interfering from the mixing process. The Paint Mixing Room is a key element when considering your paint shop requirements. We offer several standard models as well as custom models to meet the needs that are specific to your body shop.

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